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Data according to Ukrainian market analysis - Q3 2019

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Ukrainian IT market highlights

180 000
it specialists
in Ukraine
Exporter of it services in Europe
with Master's Degrees
With Scrum Expertise
of Fortune 500 R&D centers

About us

 Vadim Tikanov / CEO

“I helped more than 30 US/EU companies grow with R&D teams in Ukraine. I will ensure your team integrates and becomes effective from Day 1.”

Dmitry Khozin / COO

“I've set up several operational centers in Ukraine. I will take care of your teamwork environment to keep the team happy and facilitate your cooperation.”



 Irene Kalantay / Head of HR

“I will find skilled developers for your team and make sure they stay and grow with you.”


  • What is a dedicated development team?

    Dedicated team is a team of IT professionals, contracted for you in Ukraine. It is very similar to setting up your own team, except it's located in Crystal Teams office instead of your office.

  • How long will it take to set up my team?

    Typically it takes 4-6 weeks to get Agreements signed with the first team members. Full team staffing time depends on the team size and candidate requirements.

  • Should I pay to get started?

    No. The great thing about setting up your dedicated team with Crystal Teams is that you only pay as you go. We just need to sign a contract to get started and publish your first positions.

  • What if I am not satisfied with a developer in my team?

    Just as with your local team, you can either try to focus on improving team member performance or dismiss him or her. In the former case, our team will help with setting up interim goals and track their progress. Should you decide otherwise - the dismissal notice period is 2 months.

  • How will we cooperate with my dedicated team?

    Like your local development team members, dedicated team members will participate in Daily Standup and other Scrum meetings. They will use the same tracking tools (e.g. Jira) and contribute to the same repositories. 

    We highly encourage using video calls for communication. Most companies working with dedicated teams barely notice that their teams are remote.

  • Can I start with just 1 developer?

    Yes. It is a reasonable way to start and then expand your team as you go.

  • Can I visit my dedicated team?

    Absolutely! We also encourage inviting team members to visit your site, as this significantly improves your cooperation.

    We are happy to take care of business trip arrangements: transportation, accommodation, visas etc.

  • Why Ukraine?

    Besides political struggles, Ukraine is the fastest growing IT market in Europe. You will easily find several Ukrainians in the top rankings of programming contests.

    Ukrainian market conditions allow us to build cost efficient teams of senior engineers. This is a strong competetive advantage of many tech companies, including Fortune 500 ones.

  • What language will my team speak?

    Your dedicated team members will speak English, though they also speak Ukrainian and will happily teach you some of it!

  • Why Crystal Teams?

    Because we offer a dedicated team model, where you cooperate directly with team members without "a man in the middle". It is a transparent model, which gives you full control of your team.

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